Meet Amanda



Breed: Belgian Mare

Former Career: Pasture / Herd Protector, Trail Horse

DOB: 4/25/2002

Joined Equul Access, Inc: March 2007

Donated by: Paul Baugh

Sponsored by: Available! Click here for information about how to sponsor me!

Quote: "I am the herd boss so it is important for me to know everything that is going on around the farm at all times."


2015 PATH Intl. Region 6 Horse of the Year

"The kids I have referred, for the first time in their lives, feel a sense of confidence and that they are not “different.” They love the program and the horses."
- L. R., Licensed Social Worker

Benefits of Equine Assisted Activities

"Over the centuries no other animal has contributed more to mankind than the horse." ~ A.D. Williams

Partnering with horses benefits humans in many ways. A few of these include:

Educational Benefits:
Improved reading, math & sequencing skills, eye-hand coordination, visual/spatial perception, direction following and differentiation.

Physical Benefits:
Improved balance, coordination, posture, reflexes, motor planning, respiration, circulation, appetite, digestion, sensory integration, joint mobility, muscle strength, tone and stretching, and decreased spasticity.

Psychological Benefits:
Improved sense of well-being, self-confidence, independence, accountability, interest in the outside world, interest in one’s own life, risk-taking abilities, patience, emotional control and self-discipline, sense of normalcy and control, and decreased anxiety.

Social Benefits:
Improved companionship abilities, increased experiences and effective communication, facilitates growth and learning, development of leadership skills, and a development of love and respect for animals.